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The Retail and Leisure sector occupy a sizeable portion of the high street and the UK’s economy. DPI Insurance has an affinity with small business owners and understands their responsibility to be all things to all people. In recognition of the pressures placed on small business owners, DPI offer bespoke polices in a timely manner that cover the core requirements such as liability, stock and contents.

The package insurances offered by DPI also include comprehensive Legal Expenses cover. This provides the essential support in areas such as employment law and health and safety to comply with modern legislation and regulatory requirements.

We believe there are some key attributes any business within the Retail and Leisure sector should expect from their broker;

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A genuine understanding of the mechanics of the Retail and Leisure business and the exact nature of your specific industry requirements, processes, obligations and attitude to risk.


Professional advice and guidance to identify and explain risk whilst working to create a bespoke insurance solution for you.

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Access to a comprehensive range of insurers to ensure the most appropriate and suitable policy terms are offered.

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The ability to clearly and concisely explain policy terms and conditions.

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